Fanatical Very Positive Bundle 2023

Add an awesome line-up of games rated Very Positive to your Steam Library now with the Fanatical Very Positive Bundle 2023. Includes 7 great Steam games for $5.99 total.

Fanatical Very Positive Bundle 2023

Embark on an enchanting adventure in Alwa’s Legacy, a mesmerizing platformer that pays homage to the classics while delivering a fresh and engaging gameplay experience. Dive deep into Mythic Ocean, an immersive underwater exploration game where you shape the destiny of a vibrant oceanic world through your choices and interactions.

Plus, 5 more games with great user reviews;

Fanatical Very Positive Bundle 2023 includes 7 Steam titles for just $5.99:

1 out of 7 titles featured in this PC Steam game bundle come with Steam Trading Cards. All 7 titles in this indie game collection activate on Steam via separate Steam keys. All games are playable on Windows.

Buy Fanatical Very Positive Bundle 2023 here

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