Grab a FREE Blockstorm Steam key

Blockstorm – a free Steam key promo by Indie Gala!

Blockstorm is a FPS game set in a world made of destructible blocks. All maps and characters included in the game are made with the same tools that are available to the public. You can build everything in Blockstorm, and you can destroy it.

Get your free Steam key for BlockStorm over at Indie Gala!


  1. u sure about that? i know they are doing some kind of free weekend thing but i think the indie gala is a free key…it’s listed as purchased in my library…they don’t give you a key for a free weekend sort of deal

  2. Comment above me, read the date lol, they were commenting on 2017 giveaway

    Also hope more people get the key cause their giveaways dont even last 10 hours.


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