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Free Game: Get Interstellaria for free on IndieGala


Interstellaria is a real time space-exploration sim and crew management game. Get DRM-free downloads of this PC game for free at IndieGala for limited time.


Managing a fleet across a dangerous galaxy. Every star and planet holds untold riches and dangers. Each encounter will require skills in trading, diplomacy, and combat. Allocate power to engines, charge all weapons, and take on the worst the galaxy has to handle.

Command a fleet of vessels wandering the galaxy for adventure and profit! You’ll be forced to make tough decisions as you face hostile starships, crippling space anomalies, and intriguing aliens. When your fleet faces certain doom, should you direct your crew to make critical repairs, or report to their stations and boost your fleet?

Land your flagship on an alien world, allowing your crew to gather valuable resources for you— but be sure to equip them with powerful armor and weapons! It’s a dangerous universe out there, and although many helpful creatures will trade or share valuable information with you, many more will attack on sight!

Interstellaria has Mixed user reviews and its full price is $9.99


Just head over to IndieGala Store and select “add to your library”. Note that you must be logged in to do this. After you add it to your library you can download it from this page.

This is a DRM-free copy, which means you can download it, back it up and keep it forever without needing any clients such as Steam or Epic Games Store.

Game downloads are available for Window PC.

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  1. This War of Mine is currently free courtesy of the Polish Government.

    There is a direct download link provided. I did say no to whatever the new page wanted. Agreed to the terms and hit download. Quite simple. No signups, no real hoops to jump through.

    • I tried to test it out before writing the post but I get the message “Transfer expired
      Sorry, this transfer has expired and is not available any more”. I’ll check later and see if they fixed it but as of now, I can’t download the game. But thanks for the tip anyway!

      • Oh, and the game is in Polish language only and is meant to be used by students and teachers in Poland only. EDIT: Thanks to Jonathan for bringing this to my attention.

        • Ha ha ha. That bit I did not know about.
          Ah well. I’m sure someone will probably post the English files or find a way to translate it. If not, no harm done.

          • I’m guessing you just need to download a trial version of the game in English and copy certain files accross to the Polish version to add the English language option or make it English.


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