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Free Game on Steam: Martian Law


Martian Law, a casual shooter with retro gameplay will be free on Steam from March 27 to April 10th. What’s more, the game will remain yours and in your library even after the special offer has ended!


Mars is under attack! An unknown enemy is dropping bombs on the peaceful red planet. It is up to you to fight off the onslaught so the innocent can escape in this stylized shooter from Linclo Games. Run (umm…slide), jump and blast your way to freedom in the arcade-inspired goodness that is Martian Law. Save Mars!

Martian Law has Very Positive reviews on Steam and it usually costs $2.39.


Just head over to Steam or navigate to the game in Steam Client before April 10th 2020, add the game to your cart and checkout. Simple as that. After that, the game is yours to keep, and play, forever.

Available from now until April 10th 2020 – 19:00:00 CET

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  1. @brutal oh i see, how can you sell them i wonder?

    i have some keys i got ages ago and i cant see any place to swap or sell , i personally just want
    the games i want to play in the furture

    im yet to join steamgifts you have to use your steam account to sign in dont know how it works

  2. Im selling them, or activating on my other accounts, or I am gw them on steamgifts. I am just increasing the value of my steam accounts so I can sell them later 😀

  3. @brutal i just cant see how your meant to use that grabfreegame i will give it a look later,
    what are you doing with so many keys?, i have some keys for old games that are dupes when i sort
    them out that is il post

  4. @utopia thanks for the bunny one. It seems…different and I like Mahjo so 2/2. I do hear it’s fairly buggy though just heads up for anybody who downloads.

  5. @brutal yeah when you claim them it basically puts a tag as having paid for the game and so the downloads are unlocked for you. So mostly forever, included any updates connected to that page.

  6. Ay, one stupid question. You save games in library, and can keep them forever on itch if you “add them to collection”? Or am I missing something? 🙂

  7. @Blues Yeah seems sketchy, but I took 5-6 keys, nothing popin’ still. I guess it’s legit, a lot of people are using those keys, not just this game, but others that You have on that site. If you are suspicious… well dang it, I won’t recommend it to you then 😀

  8. @blue are all these the free games on steam today did I miss any, just double checking
    Martian Law
    The DeeD

  9. @mightygiro wow thanks for that usually after the weeks giveaway I don’t check epic again good spot there !

    More work for tonci lol

    That’s 4games free from epic this week!

    Let’s hope that they add the tomb raider games and better yet the deluxe versions all the dlc lol

    Btw do you all know itch.io has a installer is it any good might try it out since got lot freebies?

  10. If you missed it on steam the other day drawful 2 is free on epic store just now , so many games having to check I’ve got them all goood times

  11. @Narobii lol yes I am new to using Microsoft store I did notice the website is all lacking and games are expensive the whole thing is meant to be installed when you login to windows 10

    Then you shop via the Microsoft store app but I’m using the web browser if you login I think it automatically installs the game on the device just as if they are copying android

    It’s just a one for all system don’t like that idea I wish it was just steam like

    I haven’t actually used it yet just collecting the freebies lol

  12. @utopia oh i saw his post about the forum but did he actually say he needs mod , id be happy to be a mod

    its good way of sorting out games you own and those that you want and what was free and whats the cheapest or whats the best free to play etc etc etc…

    and its fun

  13. @Blue … hehe .. Remember.. It’s just Tonci and another running this site .

    Tonci did ask this earlier …. “Guys, if I added a forum on the site, would any of you be interested in being the moderators?”


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