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Free Game: Two Worlds 2 (Steam Key)


Another promotion by DLH, get Two Worlds 2 for free! (Steam key)

Two Worlds II is an action role-playing game developed by Polish video game developer Reality Pump and published by TopWare Interactive as a sequel to 2007’s Two Worlds.

Key features:

  • A flexible combat system with variable attack moves, parrying and special tricks
  • State-of-the-art technology, thanks to a powerful GRACE™ engine and special tools
  • Lots of mini-games for breaking up gameplay
  • Intuitive user interface for the DEMONS™ Magic system and the PAPAC™ Alchemy system
  • Mercenaries and magically-created beings accompany the player
  • Complex object management with movable and usable items
  • Special CRAFT™ tool enables the individual configuration of armor and weapons
  • Many Boss opponents, including special combat strategies and unique rewards
  • Flexible MoSens system guarantees realistic every day and combat movements
  • Various ways of moving, like walking, running, sprinting, riding, swimming, sailing and teleporting
  • Captivating background story with numerous cutscenes
  • Extensive Multiplayer part including building/setup simulation

Check out the review by Angry Joe:


  • Go to DLH and create an account
  • Connect with your Steam account
  • Keys are added hourly so try again later if you don’t get your key at your first try!
  • Site is slow so be patient!


  1. I have seen no evidence that these free keys actually exist. I believe this is the second time in a row that DLH has announced “Free Keys” that weren’t available to drive up site traffic. I have checked every half hour (more or less) since this went up and no keys are available. Additionally, my last post stating this has mysteriously disappeared…


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