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Free on PS4: FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online Starter Edition


Stay safe and pick up FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online Starter Edition for free from May 23rd through May 26th and play it on your Sony Playstation 4.

FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online Starter Edition normally costs for $20 on the PlayStation Store and it includes FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn and 30 days of playing. Yes, 30 days play period.

FINAL FANTASY® XIV still uses monthly subscription and if you want to keep playing after your 30 days is over, you’ll have to shell out 10+ EUR pr month.


To get FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online Starter Edition, open up PSN in your browser and add the game to your cart and check out. You can also do this from your Playstation console. An active PS Plus membership is NOT required to get these freebies.

So far, this offer is valid in USA and UK. If it becomes available in your region as well, please let other users know in the comments below. Enjoy playing!

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  1. eh all the comments talking about the subs…just wait for it to go bad like ESO. Get the game free while you can boys and then wait for it to go awry then they go F2P like they always do.

    Then again … this is (Square Enix? )

    • Wait for it to go awry…..

      The game released back in 2010, it was a massive dumpster fire then, yet, it never went free/f2p, instead it got better and better, and the last few big updates (which came with an increase of two million players) have been quite awesome.

      Either way, SE won’t make this F2P under any circumstances, ever, they didn’t when they “had to” so they have no reason to do it now.

      Besides, Final Fantasy XI: Online released back in 2002, not only it is still around, but it requires a subscription fee (and it ain’t cheap either).

  2. MY account has been permentely stuck on old F2P so maybe this will fix it to an extent. Thanks For letting me know.


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