Free: Sanebox 3-Month Plan

Free: Sanebox 3-Month Plan  – Imagine Your Inbox at Zero–Make It a Reality with This Cloud-Based Email-Filtering Tool

You know that sinking feeling when you see the insane number of unread emails in your inbox? Don’t succumb to that misery anymore, clean up your inbox with SaneBox’s Lunch Plan. This cloud-based tool automatically filters your email with algorithms that pay attention to your past behavior. So you won’t lose any important messages, and you can finally get your life back instead of being glued to your screen.

“This Is By Far The Easiest Way To Fix Email Overload.” Business Insider

  • Spend less time sifting through email
  • Train SaneBox on what types of emails are important w/ drag & drop
  • Set SaneReminders to follow up w/ people
  • Keep the emails you’re waiting to hear back on in your NoReplies folder\
  • Unsubscribe by moving an email to SaneBlackHole
  • Put any emails you’re not ready to deal w/ in the Snooze Folder
  • Customize your SaneBox experience by creating custom folders

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