Free Steam Game : Voxelized

Free Steam Game : Voxelized

The Developers say:

“An Early Access title, may have random crashes and bugs”
Please read the Early Access Description above.


In Voxelized, you gain a control of a character in a cubic world. At first you are alone, but that is about to change.

  • Build a House.
  • Build a Town.
  • Build a City.
    Voxelized is heavily based on building, but as the players keeps suggesting their ideas and features, it will be changed in to something else.
    The building feature is primary, but Voxelized will be alot more than just a building game.
  • Planned Features

  • Enemies
  • NPCs
  • Pets
  • Survival
  • Other game Modes&Scenes
  • Almost anything YOU want. I will add most of the requested features in game.

The Community says:

Low draw distance, small game world, and nothing to do. Voxelized is a cheap Minecraft knockoff that is not worth your time unless you want the badge. Do not buy at full Price, if you encounter a situation like I was in when I got the game where the reduced cost was down to a mere cent. Yeah go ahead. -PresidentBJ

I hate to say this because i got the game for free but what the hell were the devellopers thinking??? It’s a minecraft clone! A very very VERY bad one at that! You can only destroy blocks,as far as i could tell you couldn’t place blocks,there were only 5 types of blocks,no mobs, no entities, not even a damn inventory. . . But hey cards and achievements . . . 10/10 -Luminix

A failed Minecraft clone – DaytonDoes

Grab this game on the Steam store and keep it forever!

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