Freebie Bundle 9

Freebie Bundle 9 is live, showcasing 4 new DRM-free titles for you to play, free of charge!



  • Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun is a real time strategy game developed by Westwood Studios. The game is a fairly well known classic in the real-time strategy genre. Tiberian Sun follows the gameplay of previous games in the series. The game requires the player to construct a base and to gather resources in order to fund the production of buildings, technologies, and combat units to attack and conquer an opponent’s base.

  • Relic

Relic is a platformer game developed by student team Synaptic Sugar at Digipen Institute of Technology.
In the game you play as a Relic hunter named Sam Ward. Essentially the game has you travel through rich and often hazardous environments with the assistance of both your AI Companion Gimbal and a grappling beam. The grappling beam allows traversing of the environment in an interesting way and is often used to provide an essence of challenge.

  •  Maelstrom Saga
Maelstrom Saga is a hack and slash involving 4 playable characters and 4 bosses.

The game is inspired from anime and fast paced action.
  • Dungeon Town

Dungeon Town is a game developed by student team Heavy Snowfall. The game is a blend between dungeon-crawling and city-building game genres. The developers have touted that they have managed to turn the skill tree from something of a chore into a fun experience. The buildings you construct in the overworld will dictate what gear your able to use going into the dungeon. The dungeon levels are procedurally generated meaning the game can keep on progressing as long as you want.


These freebies aren’t going anywhere soon, so check this one, and the previous 8 Freebie Bundles, right here

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