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Get a random Steam key at Gamivo (out of stock)


It’s GAMIVO’s 4th birthday and they’re giving out free Steam keys.

This weekend, you’ll find numerous surprises, including Low-Budget Cosplay Contest, Birthday Giveaway, Space Game, and much more. Remember to visit GAMIVO.com every day; so you don’t miss a single event.

Moreover, we give away thousands of games for free! In GAMIVO Birthday Clearance, every user can pick one random game. Don’t worry if you draw a title you don’t recognize because there are countless lesser-known yet incredibly entertaining indie releases.

Claim your game right now!


  1. Just so you know, it isn’t actually free. It demanded me to pay 64 cents, in order to get this key, meaning I didn’t get it. Don’t get fooled by them.

    • Do they actually call it, though? Usually when that happens I just look up a business in the region and use their phone number.


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