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Get 53 Manga Books in This Huge Comic Bundle


Pay just $1 to get 8 manga comics including Vinland Saga, BLAME! and Shaman King. Pay more to get up to 53 comics ranging from Battle Angel Alita, FairyTail, The Ghost in The Shell and many more!

Manga Masters Bundle is a packed & diverse introduction to the thrilling world of Manga with Kodansha. Some of the content is rated 15+ by the publisher & is designed for a mature audience

With three full tiers of comics to choose from, you’ll get to explore historical, mythical, and futuristic tales written by accomplished Manga authors including Masamune Shirow, creator of such legendary tales as Ghost in the Shell & Yukito Kishiro’s Battle Angel Alita amongst many others.

On what devices can I read these comics?

Read them anywhere. These comics are available in multiple formats including PDF and ePub, so they work on your computer, e-readers, iPads, cell phones, and a wide array of mobile devices!

You can buy the Manga Masters Bundle at Fanatical for a limited time.



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