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Get a free copy of For Honor at uPlay


Sign up to get your free copy of For Honor you’ll be able to play anytime! You can claim the game from August 20th at 03:00 pm to August 29th at 10:00 am (your local time).

This promo lasts until August 29th, 2019 

Grab your copy over at Ubisofts promo page. A free uPlay account is required.

Enjoy Playing!

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  1. “Upishit” yeah they also need your home location and cat and dogs names both their age too, they also need to know how long your shlom is. Yeah man Ubisoft they really suck!

  2. Works fine without credit card. I don’t own one. Try from within uPlay (search the store).

    This recycled thread is the wrong place, though: It is not the Starter Edition that’s being given away this time, but the Standard Edition, previously only given away on Epic Games Store.

  3. Thank you. After all these years of praying, I can now finally deus vult with my fellow crusaders in taking the holy land.


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