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Get a year of Humble Choice for $99 during Black Friday sale


Use the promo code HOLIDAY21 to get 12 months of Humble Choice for $99 / €86.

The offer is valid only for new users (users without an ongoing Humble Choice subscription). When you redeem this offer, you will get a Humble Choice Premium Plan, which means you get 9 games in each months bundle, 20% off games in Humble Store and access to Humble Trove – a catalog of Humble Originals and other DRM-free games.

This offer is valid during the Black Friday week. To get it while it lasts head over to Humble Bundle and click the banner at the top that looks like the image below, then use the  voucher code HOLIDAY21:

Humble Choice for November 2021 features Due Process, House Flipper, Project Wingman, and more games with total value of $273.

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  1. It’s probably 2 years worth, if you’re allowed to pause the subscription.
    I’ve noticed the terms & conditions on some (not necessarily this one) of the previous Humble Choice deals meant you couldn’t pause at all. So, if you didn’t like the month, then tough, you got it anyway.

    • That’s pretty dodgy. For anyone considering a purchase that’s worth investigating as anyone who subscribes to this knows pausing is vital. You’ll be doing it a lot.

      • The last Humble deal I got is NOT pausable. You can pause but you lose the discount if you do. I actually want Project Wingman but I had to pay for last two months to keep price at 12 bucks going forward.


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