Home Free games Get Crime Cities Free on PC in a giveaway by GOG

Get Crime Cities Free on PC in a giveaway by GOG

GOG is giving away free copies of Crime Cities! This free game promo is only available for a limited time so grab a free copy today and keep it in your account forever.

Get Crime Cities Free on PC in a giveaway by GOG

About This Free Game:
Pandemia System: A futuristic world where law and order have been replaced by a tidal wave of terror and crime. The human federation decides to frame one of it’s best men for treason and disobeying orders and sentences him to spend the rest of his days on one of the planet’s prison cities. This is his cover as he begins the most crucial mission of his life..

Crime Cities is a revolutionary mix of shooter and future vehicle simulator with a complex plot, and explosive environment and life-threatening missions that are so mind-blowing, you’ll think flying a hovercraft through a myriad of city skyscrapers is the easy part of the job.

  • Full freedom of movement in a 3D environment
  • Fast-paced tactical gameplay
  • Over 100 branching missions
  • 50 different cars to use, each with a wide array of modifications
  • More than 20 different weapons
  • 4 distinct cities
  • Varied AI for different enemies

Crime Cities has mostly positive user reviews, it usually costs $3.99 but will be available for free at GOG for a limited time.


To get a DRM-free version on GOG, head over here, scroll down to find the giveaway banner and click on the Get It Free button! That’s it! Enjoy your game 🙂

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  1. I tend not to bother with a lot of these old games, but this one looks kind of cool. It’s definitely throwing off some pretty strong G-Police (PS1) vibes.

  2. For The Calendar …

    For its 35th birthday….

    Anno 1404 History Edition free at Ubisoft from December 6th 4 PM – 14th 3 PM

    Call of Juarez Gunslinger free on Steam from December 9th ..Might be 7 PM

  3. This the first time I’ve tried downloading a freebie from IndieGala and the download keeps failing. I guess I’ll try later.

    Edit: Yeah, reading Reddit a ton of people are having trouble downloading this from both the website and client.

  4. I had to look it up, I always forget the name despite it being a favourite. One of the better 3D action flight games on the system IMO along with Colony Wars.

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