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Ubisoft is giving away Far Cry 3 for FREE on PC


Get Far Cry 3 on PC, free of charge, in a giveaway by Ubisoft. If you missed the original giveaway last year, here’s another chance to get this great open world FPS.

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Far Cry 3 is an open world first-person shooter set on an island unlike any other. A place where heavily armed warlords traffic in slaves. Where outsiders are hunted for ransom. And as you embark on a desperate quest to rescue your friends, you realize that the only way to escape this darkness… is to embrace it

FIGHT BACK IN AN ACTION-PACKED SHOOTER Use an arsenal of weapons and explosives to run gun-first into the action, take down nearby adversaries with your blade or snipe unsuspecting enemies from a distance.

AN ISLAND OF DANGER AND DISCOVERY Explore an island playground as stunningly beautiful as it is diverse – from mountain ranges to swampy grasslands and white sandy beaches. Fight your way through the island’s towns, temples, river ports and more.

UNCOVER A MEMORABLE STORY AND AN INSANE CAST Encounter a diverse and realistic cast of characters as you dive into this deep and enriching story, where morals are questionable and hope is all but abandoned.

CUTTING EDGE GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY Far Cry® 3 is being developed by the world-class game designers who brought you such critically acclaimed titles as Assassin’s Creed® 2, Assassin’s Creed® Brotherhood, and World in Conflict®.


Just head over to Ubisoft Store and add the game to your account. Available until September 11th.

That’s it! Enjoy your free game 🙂

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  1. I personally liked the atmosphere of the original Far Cry games the most as they came out when I was gaming the most (90-00`s) and they were quite different. If you haven`t played the first ones and liked the recent ones or just prefer the recent ones then Far Cry 3 is a good game for you. I think its a good free game anyway, just not as good as Far Cry 1 and 2, in my opinion, though it`s a huge step up in graphics. It was released in 2012 and had very good graphics at the time, and still looks good in 2021. Far more playable than Far Cry 1 and 2.

    I give the game a score of 3.5/5 anno 2021, but I suspect many would give it a 4 or 4,5.

  2. Is there a reduced price for the upgrade to deluxe or will I have to pay the full price anyway to get the premium edition? I don’t see the deluxe content being sold separately.

  3. I went straight to my phone and it worked…THANKS :3

    Don’t waste your time doing it on the PC… go to your phone and use the direct link

  4. I was unable to get Ctrl Shift M to work on my version of Firefox, but found a way to do it anyway. If you had this issue you can click the open menu button, then under the web developer section, click responsive design mode while on the page above. It will then work. at least it did for me.

    • Very weird. I tried this, and it showed me an error followed up by a mesasge that it was activated. However, through Ubisoft Connect it was showing I didn’t have it. I restarted it and it still showed I didn’t own it. I tried activating it through UC again (it didn’t in the last past few times), but now it worked.
      Ubisoft, get your act together..

  5. Thank you so much it worked for me. I logged into my ubisoft account from mobile browser and then claimed game using this page’s link and now its in my library. Thanks.. cheers . !!

  6. Yes I logged into my UBISOFT account from mobile browser and then claimed the game using this page’s link and now it’s in my library.. ch

  7. Interestingly, someone was trying to hack my uPlay account after either trying to redeem that game on the Chinese website or redeeming the Division.

  8. I tried the method given in the description by these guys and it’s working 100%. Tried on Google Chrome with Adblocker ON and switched to Mobile version of Store and Logged In and Claimed the game.
    Within 5 minutes it popped on my Uplay as well. No keys asked or anything. Now I can download and play it. Sweeeeet!


    Your game is activated on your Uplay Library.

    You can preload the game now on Uplay.

    and send me to a u play and ask for the key what to do now??

  10. i tried to get it from the browser on pc from about 5 hours and it didn’t work ..
    now i confirm that this method is working 100% , and if you have no phone like me .. do the instructions but first turn off your adblocker and allow the 2 ubisoft’s permission requests that will come to your windows after you complete the purchase . and after that you have to check if it has been added to your collection or not (it has to be there) .
    Good luck everybody 🙂

  11. I use mozilla on pc and its work..
    Click the link and Ctrl Shift M and the web interface changed to phone mode. If it not changed, maybe tou can try to refresh it..
    in the web first they tell you, you’re not in the china region and tell to you do you want switch to your region.
    dont click the blue button, click another button below the blue button.
    after that you can claim the game, click blue button.

    sorry for my bad english..


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