Gift Ideas: Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar 40% off

Another Gift Idea special  – this time we recommend Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar – a digital guitar just perfect for gifting!

Apply vibrato, bend a string, fingerpick–Jamstik feels and performs like a normal guitar, but also conveniently connects with all the Apple music apps and software you could ever need. Jamstik is perfect for all-level guitarists, and is ultra-portable to seamlessly fit your lifestyle.

“The Jamstik is cool-as-hell… Turn your iPad into a real instrument,” John Brownlee,

  • Easy to set up
  • No tuning required
  • Extremely portable
  • Includes quality teaching software
  • Contains full MIDI controller functionality
  • Allows you to see your hands in action w/ infrared light technology
  • Includes D-pad control for changing octaves or swapping sounds
  • Play without disturbing others, ultra quiet with headphones

Get the Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar over at IGB DEALS for 40% off the retail price!


  • Jamstik
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Adjustable Guitar Strap
  • Rechargeable Battery (remove protective tape and install)
  • 2 Guitar Picks
  • 3 Downloadable iOS Apps – jamStik Connect, jamTutor & jamMix

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