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Giveaway: Humble Choice July 2022 (ended)


Another Sunday, another bundle giveaway! This time around I’m giving away 1x Humble Bundle Choice July 2022 consisting of 8 separate Steam keys!

EDIT: The giveaway is over and the winner has been picked. Congrats TristanMike!

The giveaway starts now, July 17th and ends next weekend, July 24th. This is the second of hopefully many weekly giveaways.

The winner will be decided July 24th, and contacted via comments. If you win, please let us know a Twitter handle, Steam account or an email address we can DM you the codes.

Here’s how to play, explained by yours truly:

EDIT: TristanMike wins! Congrats! Please let me know your contact details so I can send you the keys!

TL;DR RULES: To play, you need to:

  1. Subscribe to IndieGameBundles Youtube Channel
  2. Let us know in the comments below (or on the Youtube video comments) what is your favorite game – without naming it! Be funny and creative!

PRIZE: 1x Humble Choice July 2022, collecting 8 Steam games, as seen here. No other Humble Perks such as access to the Trove come with this prize, just the Steam keys.

The winner gets all of these:

Of course, I wish good luck to everyone, but this time there can be only 1 winner. To everyone else, better luck in the next giveaway – I hope to make more of these (with better prizes).

Thanks for playing!


  1. The most action-packed game to date, a truly daunting and reputable creation in which YOU… yes, YOU can be a FARMER. Spend your days growing crops and making those fat racks! Grow corn, grow potatoes, grow other people for all I care, just GROW, GROW, GROW!!!!

  2. Go to the Millennium Fair, she said. Don’t worry, it will be fun, she said.
    I should have just stayed in bed.
    Oh, note to self: if you knock down any strange girls, don’t help them search for their pendant, no matter how hot they are.

  3. Two albino weeaboos fight over the last cookie when a multi-handed freak kills their mom. Years later the 2 dorks are still fighting but this time about who mom loved the most. They drag countless innocents down to hell in their quest to be the ultimate mommy’s boy, one even going as far as removing his son’s hand, which he was using to store his epic Nipponese blade. He then uses it to cut the cringe out of himself.

  4. Private Detective has a debt to pay, tries to pay it with a girl they ask for. Finds at one point that girl is the daughter of the guy keeping her but then finds out she was created but then finds out she’s his daughter….

  5. My favorite game involves portals, and a f@#&ing crazy machine who wants to kill me, while offering me some cake (the 🎂 is a lie)!

  6. Wake up a mute with brain damage
    Meet Silly bot
    Get gun that can’t shoot anyone
    Wake Up Mama bot
    Do tests together
    Get Death threats
    Silly Bot takes over
    Mama bot becomes potato
    Fall in pit
    Get potato companion
    Hear JK Simmons
    Freak Out
    Learn to make Combustible Lemons
    Climb out of Pit
    Fight Silly Bot
    Turn potato companion into mama bot
    Mama bots sings you a song and kicks you out

  7. In this violent twisted future, a dark city is always full of challenges. But with a loyal dog on my side who needs guns, even if their bigger than my dog.

  8. I keep telling you to PARRY, not try to I-frame dodge everything like your time in Lordran.
    At this point, you will just keep hearing “My name is Gyoubu masataka oniwa! AS I BREATHE, YOU WILL NOT PASS THIS CASTLE GATE
    And Always Remember “HESTITATION IS DEFEAT”

  9. Play as a knight who goes to a locked city.
    Fight certain people with problems
    While finding a cure for a deadly virus for you and a Mr. Jack
    Solve at least 200 puzzles which are “Questionable”
    Stop a protocol (even number) killing lives
    Save your girlfriend
    Failed to save her
    Fight clay with a sword
    Take cure
    Guy in Purple dies.

  10. 3min..
    5 vs 5
    super specials cops vs super specail cops..
    a lot of gadgets..
    a lot of pew pew..
    but with velocity and precision..

    p/d: please.. dont forget pick the hard breacher

  11. Held to financial ransom by a Racoon Tycoon and living to serve everybody else whilst trying to pay off my ever increasing house debt.

  12. Sit through a cutscene
    Get bored
    Pick your race
    Pick your face
    Pick your nose
    Be a lizard, lizards are cool
    Almost get executed
    Be scared of a dragon
    Get some armor
    Get some weapons
    Run in circles
    Climb a mountain
    Learn how to yell at people from some old dudes
    Yell at things
    Do a lot of quests
    Gather more quests you’ll never do
    Accidentally become leader of the guild of thieves
    Go to college
    Inherit the college (for whatever reason)
    Get some spells
    Do magic
    Run out of magic juice
    Run around some more
    Run out of stamina
    Fight some dragons
    Take their souls
    Use their souls to get new ways of yelling at things
    Level up, improve a skill
    Make some cool armor
    Make some cool weapons
    Enchant that cool armor and weapons
    Run out of enchanting juice
    Yell at stuff some more
    Steal a plate by accident
    Run from the law
    Steal a horse
    Fail to protect horse
    Go on foot because your horse died
    Get caught
    Lose all your health
    Respawn where you were 30 minutes ago
    Forget to save
    Rage quit
    Come back
    Decide to actually do the main quest line
    Consume all your food mid-battle
    Climb a mountain by yelling at clouds how the old guys taught you
    Meet a good dragon
    Learn how to yell at things from him
    Go through a bunch of stuff to get a scroll
    Read that scroll
    Go back in time
    Learn how to yell at things from people in the past
    Fight a bad dragon
    Realize it isn’t the final boss and you didn’t kill him
    Stop doing quests
    Buy a house
    Buy stuff for your house
    Run around avoiding the main quest line
    Gather buttloads of gold
    Not use of any of it
    Mod the game to oblivion
    Realize you’ve somehow sank 50+ hours into it
    Realize you’re addicted
    Keep playing anyway.


  13. A theoretical physicist doing non-theoretical physicist things like toppling alien regimes and getting away with it thanks to some creepy suited uncle watching over him from the corner.

  14. Few things are as satisfying as FUS-RO-DAHing someone off the side of a high mountain.
    boing… boing… boing…

  15. an addicting top-down shooter that features a chicken masked man
    swinging a bat to kill people, and a main protagonist that is “literally

  16. Spiky haired emo kid with memory problems fights genetically engineered demi God to stop a comet from killing the world.

  17. A man lives to protect his secret lover and their semi secret daughter until they are all betrayed by someone close to them and he must save their daughter while keeping the heart of his lover close to his own with the help of a group of rebels. Later, the leader of the rebels gets jealous that everyone likes this man and how much his daughter loves him, so he kidnaps the daughter and tries to kill main man but ends up sending him to the one who murdered the man’s wife instead and the betrayed father fights his way back to rescue his daughter again, still with the heart of his lost lover close to his own.

  18. Itsabout a girl and her “father” who are in a post apocalyptic world and are trying to find a cure to stop the apocalypse but a lot happens to try to stop them

  19. A heartless person kills a dragon and then a god. A heartless person kills a dragon and then a god. A heartless person kills a dragon and then a god. A heartless person ……

  20. I luv runnin’ my biz. Stockin’ my niteclub so that is always full o’ nice people. Then I luv shoppin’ for new carz n’ stuff. I’m cool with yall, but if anybody gets on my bad side and messes with my biz, they goin’ down with all my wrath from the sky or beyond (dependes on the aggravation)…I don’t mind the expense, it’s about sendin’ a clear message. If all is good, let’s go dancin’ and enjoy some good ol’ arcades =)

  21. about a boy who had an inheritance of a farm, and while coming to the

    farm and reviewing it, there’s a nuclear explosion and he survived by

    hiding in the bunker. Then wild things happens, he need to defeat many

    mutant monster to gather seed for the farm, and he faced the last boss

    by farming vegetables and fruits, it goes on an on until the year 10.

  22. A guy, a dog, a babe, an orphan, a cripple, a pilot, a ninja, a cat and a werewolf become eco terrorists. The orphan doesn’t make it.


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