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Giveaway: Humble LEGO At The Movies Game Bundle – ENDED


Hi everyone! I’m giving away one top tier Humble LEGO At The Movies Game Bundle!

The giveaway starts now, July 9th and ends next weekend, July 16th. This is the first of hopefully many weekly giveaways.

The winner will be decided using a Random Number Generator, July 16th, and contacted via Steam with his/hers gift code!

EDIT: The Giveaway is over and the lucky winner is Thorsky! I’ve added you on Steam, please accept the invite and I’ll send you the gift code!

Stay tuned for another giveaway starting tomorrow!

RULES: To play, you need to:

  1. Join IndieGameBundles Steam group
  2. Subscribe to IndieGameBundles Youtube Channel
  3. Comment your Steam username and/or YouTube username in the comments below, together with what is your favorite co-op game.

PRIZE: 1x Top Tier Humble LEGO At The Movies Game Bundle, collecting 9 LEGO Steam games, as seen here.

Of course, I wish good luck to everyone, but this time there can be only 1 winner. To everyone else, better luck in the next giveaway – I hope to make more of these (with better prizes).

Thanks for playing!


  1. My Youtube channel is: Andy Inojado
    My Steam profile names is: Andy Inojado
    as well.
    My favorite co-op game is Diablo III

  2. Steam: BuckwheatBidoof [permaid: 76561198877270876]
    YouTube: BuckwheatBidoof
    Favorite Co-Op Game: Payday 2 or Risk of Rain 2

  3. msfeistybabe (Steam ID)
    fave co-op is Minecraft because I play with my daughter & really enjoy watching some Youtubers like Ethoslab, Vintagebeef, GenerikB & BDouble0
    Loved watching Markiplier, Bob & Wade & Jacksepticeye play Phasmophobia also 🙂 But I don’t own it myself.

  4. Steam: Tardelius
    Youtube: Tardelius
    Favourite co-op game: styx 2
    Note: if for some reason tardelius cannot be found… search freedom gamer (on steam) and then choose the person whose name is Tardelius. I just changed it to Tardelius but for some reason the search results show nothing when Tardelius is typed.

  5. Steam: Da_Brick93
    Youtube: Luca
    Favourite co-op game: Any Lego game! Right now, the old school lego star wars games

  6. Steam: Mico Selva
    Youtube: Mico Selva
    favorite co-op game: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (great fun for the whole family)


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