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Giveaway: Stray Steam Key (ended)


Another Sunday, another game giveaway! This time around I’m giving away 1x Steam Key for Stray, the famous cat game everyone’s raving about!

The giveaway starts now, July 31st and ends next weekend, August 7th. This is the third of hopefully many weekly giveaways.

The winner will be decided August 7th, and contacted via Youtube comments. If you win, please let us know a Twitter handle, Steam account or an email address we can DM you the codes.

EDIT: Muneekah wins! Thanks to all for playing. Expect more giveaways in the future (when I return from vacation 🙂

Check out the short video to see how to play:


TL;DR RULES: To play, you need to:

  1. Subscribe to IndieGameBundles Youtube Channel
  2. Let us know in the Youtube comments about your pet, or friends pet, or a pet you’d like to have!

PRIZE: 1x Stray Steam Key.

Of course, I wish good luck to everyone, but this time there can be only 1 winner. To everyone else, better luck in the next giveaway – I hope to make more of these (with better prizes).

Check out my Stray Full Game Walkthrough here.

Thanks for playing!


  1. Contacted through youtube comments? Literally the worse way to contact someone… Especially with all the scams in the youtube comments that says to go on telegram, whatsapp and what not.

  2. I have 3 male cats, a grey and white one and 2 red and white ones. They’re always begging for food and for my parents and I to let them get in and out, about 20 times a day, day and night. Those annoying bast… lol
    Appart from that, they can be all cuddly in evenings when we’re watching TV (one of them loves to lie down just below the TV, btw).
    My steam account is Thorsky.
    Thanks for organising this giveaway!

    • You need to learn to follow instructions better. You didn’t enter.

      TL;DR RULES: To play, you need to:

      1. Subscribe to IndieGameBundles Youtube Channel
      2. Let us know in the Youtube comments about your pet, or friends pet, or a pet you’d like to have!

      This isn’t the IGB YT Channel, kiddo. Try again and follow the instructions.


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