GMG Indie Mega Bundle (25 games, $3.99)

GMG Indie Mega Bundle is live with over two dozen Steam games for $3.99! Some of you might have gotten a coupon for this bundle via mail that will bring down the price to just £/€/$ 3.96 so check your email!

GMG Indie Mega Bundle

GMG Indie Mega Bundle includes the following Steam games:

  • The Lady
  • Ballistick
  • Centauri Sector
  • Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode 1 TOF
  • Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode 2 WOTA
  • Hidden Mysteries: Civil War
  • Legends of Solitaire: Curse of the Dragon
  • Montagues Mount
  • Roogoo
  • The Detail: Episode 1
  • Velocibox
  • Hoven the Sages Spinel
  • Apartment 666
  • A Land Fit For Heroes
  • Cell HD Emergence
  • Orburon
  • Paranautical Activity
  • Reverse Crawl
  • Spellweaver Vampire Overlord
  • The Joylancer Legendary Motor Knight
  • Air Guardians
  • Corporate Lifestyle Simulator
  • Huntsman: The Orphanage
  • Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle
  • Red Goblin: Cursed Forest
  • Three Dead Zed

Buy The Indie Mega Bundle at Green Man Gaming

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