GOG: Darksiders Bundle 75% off + more bundles on sale!

Get your dark side on with Darksiders Bundle – including both Darksiders games plus all the DLC packs for the second installment.

Check out the trailer for the original:

Hack, slash and loot through the apocalypse with these titles included in the Darksiders Bundle:

  • Darksiders
  • Darksiders II

And the DLC packs, including:

  • Darksiders II – Abyssal Forge DLC
  • Darksiders II – Argul’s Tomb DLC
  • Darksiders II – The Demon Lord Belial DLC
  • Darksiders II – Death Rides DLC
  • Darksiders II – Angel of Death DLC
  • Darksiders II – Deadly Despair DLC
  • Darksiders II – Fletcher’s Crow Hammer DLC
  • Darksiders II – Mace Maximus DLC
  • Darksiders II – Mortis Pack DLC
  • Darksiders II – Rusanov’s Axe DLC
  • Darksiders II – Shadow of Death DLC
  • Darksiders II – Van Der Schmash Hammer DLC
  • Darksiders II – Season Pass
  • Darksiders II Soundtrack

Buy the Darksiders Bundle over at GOG!

Note that you can buy separate titles at 60% off!

Also on sale over at GOG:

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