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Grab a FREE Steam key for Fortified, an explosive strategy shooter

EDIT: If you missed the original giveaway by Humble Bundle, here’s a second chance to get this freebie – just add it to your Steam library during the promo (48 hours) and the game will be yours to keep forever! Enjoy Playing!

Another giveaway by Humble Bundle has launched to celebrate the Humble Store Spring Sale Encore – for this one, you’ll need to:

  • Login each day to Humble Store and claim a stamp
  • After 1 stamp you’ll get a 10% discount coupon on Humble Monthly
  • After 2 stamps you’ll get 25% discount coupon on MachiaVillain
  • After 4 stamps you’ll get a Fortified Steam Key for FREE!

You have until May 28th to claim enough stamps and get your free games. Additionally, you’ll get an extra stamp for each $5 you spend in the Humble Store.

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  1. To start earning stamps, visit the Humble Store home page and purchase any of the great discounted games on the Humble Store.

  2. Just need to visit the site once for 4 days. Is it really that hard to stop masturbating to whatever loser shit you undesirables get hard to and visiting the fucking website?

  3. You don’t need to buy anything, the buying part is optional, 3 stamps so far and got hacknet free on the 1st day.

  4. Just go to Steam, Free Until June 8 at 11am Pacific. Add the game to your account now and keep it forever!

  5. This game is free on steam not humble bundle, that event already expired last week. On steam its only available until the 8th at 11am


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