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Grab a free Steam key for Mini Ninjas (works again!)


Square Enix is giving away FREE copies of Mini Ninjas! This promotion is available until May 5th 2018.

EDIT: The giveaway works again!

Grab a free copy of Mini Ninjas


From the makers of Hitman. Very Positive reviews on Steam.

Mini Ninjas is a game that combines furious action with stealth and exploration for an experience that appeals to a wide audience across age groups and preferences. It’s an action-adventure with a strong focus on allowing the player freedom to explore the world and has the depth to allow for very varied gameplay and approaches to getting through the game.


How To Get Mini Ninjas Steam Key For Free:

Just head over to Square Enix store (here for EU and here for NA) and add the game to your cart using coupon code MiniNinjas to get 100% off. Simple as that. Make sure to redeem your key in Steam soon, since they will get invalid shortly after the promo ends.

It might take a little bit until your Steam key arrives so please be patient.

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    The code does actually work, but you need to have an account to log in and apply the coupon.

  2. Was able to “Purchase” the game for free, but no key, it shows up in my orders, even wit instructions but no key.

  3. 1.add to cart>click cart>log in with fb>fill in form>done
    2.open square enix>view order purchase>unlock the activation key>wait 10 minute>refresh click again unlock the activation key>voila done

  4. Üye olmadan key i girdiginizde hata alırsınız üye olun işlemleri halledin bir süre bekletecek ve key gelmiş olacak.

  5. Ublock Origin disabled the Unlock Key button next to the Instructions button for me.
    After disableing the Adblocker it finally worked.

  6. Bought it. However I cannot find a key. Where is it? In my orders menu I have “Unlock the activation key” button, but it moves me to the site with instructions how to add it to steam. There is no key or button to show/unlock it 🙁

  7. Picked this game in April 28, code was working fine, don’t blame like it is not working, just you weren’t fast enough.

  8. i love this game so much going to check the giveaway today if the code still not working i will download it from the internet xd

  9. lol maximum if you cant get the original one then search for a cracked one ez but you must enjoy your childhood games again

  10. everyone behaves as if it were the end of the world, this classic boy child behavior (I want it, I want it) that in the end, when he gets it, he will not use it, I say it from experience: I’m 26 years old, I remember playing this when I was little, and yes, I want it, but I will not be every 5minutes looking for get this… It is not that this is the best game in the world… (if it were a final fantasy, it would be different… xD)


    On Reddit a guy from Square Enix (S0kun) said:
    “Hi guys. This is Eric from the Square Enix MEMBERS community team. Just wanted to let you know that this promo is still valid, but we had to turn it off temporarily. Will be live again most likely on Monday so please stay tuned to our twitter.com/squareenix account for an official announcement. ”

    Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comments/8fap8t/square_enix_na_mini_ninjas_free_giveaway_w_coupon/dy2m89h/

  12. Blame squenix for your code not working. Pulling crap like this to drive more people to their site. Offering “free” stuff but only to the first couple of people in the door then they quietly stop the “free” promotion and bathe in all the extra site traffic.
    This site is great squenix can go suck a salty <0<{ for the crap that they have done since FF13. Soon to come full circle and ruin my childhood with their atrocity that is the FF7 "reimagining"

  13. You guys are so ungrateful lol. For a free game that doesnt work yet, you guys throw a fit and cry about how awful this site is.

  14. After spending a long time just trying to log in to “buy” it, the code didn’t work. Not sure why I follow this website any more.


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