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Grab Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC for free


Grab Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC for free in a promo by EA – It’s On The House!

Fan-Favorite Maps Re-Imagined with Frostbite 3 graphics and Battlefield 4 gameplay.

Second Assault brings back four fan-favorites that are more challenging than ever before. What’s better than playing on classic Battlefield 3 maps? Playing those maps updated with the power of the Frostbite 3 engine!

Operation Metro 2014: Fight both enemy opponents and claustrophobia in subterranean Paris. Bring the sky down on your opponents with destructible ceilings, and trap them in the flooded subway tunnels.

Caspian Border 2014: The central communications tower is now a hammer, ready to fall on your enemies. Take advantage of the confusion by fortifying your teammates in the new vantage points along the walls.

Gulf of Oman 2014: Everything feels normal on this map until the sandstorm whips through, destroying visibility and reducing the efficacy of your combat vehicles.

Operation Firestorm 2014: Create Hell on Earth as you breach the refinery pipelines and send gouts of flame to roast your opponents.

Deploy five new weapons and execute on 10 new assignments, each with their own unlocks. Play Capture the Flag made even more fun with the returning Dune Buggy. The classics are new again in Second Assault!

What do I need to play this?

You will need to have purchased Battlefield 4™ to access this expansion in game. You don’t need to own Battlefield 4™ to claim this expansion, so grab it now while you can! Check it out in the store.

How long will I own this expansion?

Once you claim it, it’s yours to keep! On the House specials can appear and disappear at any time so hurry and add it to your library now.

Where can I grab this freebie?

Go to Origin and add it to your cart for free!


  1. Also, when you click Battlefield 4 in your Origins library and click on DLC or extras there are other FREE DLC sets you can add besides this one. 3 others I think I grabbed (maybe not typical DLC though, I just grabbed them & added to library since they were FREE since I got Battlefield 4 for Free also not too long ago, but don’t have it installed yet). One said Communicationos & one Night Communications I think…


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