Home Free games Grab the RPG Divilixa Free on Steam While You Can

Grab the RPG Divilixa Free on Steam While You Can


Divilixa is going from a free game to a paid game soon, grab it for free on Steam while you still can to permanently own it.

Grab the RPG Divilixa Free on Steam While You Can

Divilixa is an RPG about strife, sacrifice and insanity.

Create a character from 6 different warrior-type classes – each with its own starting stats and class-skills.
Play as the fierce warrior, the sturdy soldier, the tavern-visited fighter, the natural barbarian, the armored knight or the holy templar.

It is a 2D action-rpg type game in top-down view, and plays like a simple combat-oriented game. The actions for the player is attack, block, move and run/dash. Become skilled at doing battle with these easy controls. Earn xp, level up, set out new attribute points and specialize your skill points in a structurized skill-tree system.


Head over to Steam and add the game to your library. Once you do that, the game will remain in your Steam library forever. Enjoy playing!

Divilixa will become a paid game soon so add this free version to your account while you can! No word yet on exactly what date will this game become a paid game.

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  1. Tl;dr – it is gone and Steam has not yet updated itself about the changes. The status of the Free on Demand version was set to Unavailable (2) 19 hours ago. It coincides with timing of the changes made to the paid version of the game. See: steamdb dot info (ID = 495376)

  2. Not worth getting it into your library, like taking garbage into your house. Read the reviews, and ignore those positive ones since those are just spam bot.


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