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Groupees: Badass Banana Bundle


8 games, 5 albums and a little something extra in the Badass Banana Bundle!


Haley, an eccentric 13 year old girl, has a complicated relationship with her old friend Quintin in The Music Machine.

Vangers is a mixture of various, yet consistent gameplay components. The player enters the strange world of the future, emerged as a result of the clash between humankind and another intelligent race of creatures, and now living according to its own rules.

You Are Not A Banana is set in everyday life and has a sprinkle of imagination and humor. The audiovisuals seek to evoke nostalgia for the 80s and 90s.

Stranded In Time takes you on a fun and exciting adventure to explore a mystery out of this world!

In Madspace you are a member of the Proteus army, robotic soldiers with the souls of former humans that have given up everything to fight the menance.

Discover 58 items, every last one unique, with situational uses. You must carefully manage your sparse resources in order to see your way through the dungeon in Vampires in the Sands.

Pongo is a 3D action platformer that combines pogo stick jumps with strategic FPS combat.

Space Sleuth is a 3D point and click adventure targeting PC and touch screen devices.

Badass Banana Bundle includes:

  • The Music Machine
  • Vangers
  • You Are Not A Banana
  • Stranded In Time
  • Remute – Grand Glam
  • Fury Of The Furries OST (DOS Version)
  • Remute – Trump
  • MadSpace: To Hell And Beyond
  • Vampire Of The Sands
  • Pongo
  • ndru – Knospensprung
  • Space Sleuth
  • Elmobo – Amiga Days (Remasters) – Volume 2

Get your copy of the Badass Banana Bundle over at Groupees.



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