Groupees: Bundle in a Box 3

Groupees: Bundle in a Box 3 comes packed with six games and one album, of which more album comes fore free after the initial 2,500 bundles are delivered. All the games are DRM-free too! So, let’s take a closer look and see what’s in the box!




Megabyte Punch is a fighting/beat ‘em up game in which you build your own fighter! As you travel through different environments, you battle other creatures to get their parts. Parts have their own powers and bonuses, like gun arms for a shoot ability or powerful hips for a devastating pelvic thrust attack. Then, using the abilities of your customized fighter, you can compete in the tournament or battle against other players in a destructible arena. The game takes place in an computer world where you protect the Heartcore of your village against the likes of the Valk Empire and the dreaded Khoteps in 6 different levels with each 3 stages and a boss fight!

The game is playable on Steam – and on all platforms: Win, Mac and Linux!

Spooky cats – collect pennies and defeat monsters to find the way out! Featuring some freaky dark humor, this one is to make you laugh! You can play on your Win or Mac machine, and if you want it on Steam, vote for it on Greenlight!

The Apotheosis Project – Penelope Barker & Aaron S. Reid are agents of an extra-governmental Corp. Unbeknown to them, also guinea pigs in an ambitious and dangerous project. DNA modification capable of granting them powers beyond the ordinary, powers suppressed by an antidote and activated by voice command. The agents act like automata, under the total control of the corporation. Unaware of their condition, they embark on “Project Apotheosis”, the implications of which unknown to ALL involved…

Munin the raven, faithful messenger to Odin, now stands stripped of wings and transformed by Loki into a mortal girl. Flightless and determined, she will stride through the nine worlds of Yggdrasil to reclaim the lost feathers and return to Asgard. Munin bolsters the traditional side-scrolling experience with the use of rotating environments to surpass obstacles and to solve puzzles. By twisting portions of the environment, players will create bridges from pillars, turn walls into floors or open new passages! Play it across all PC platforms on Steam!

A Bird Story – From the creator of To the Moon: A simple, wordless 1-hour short about a boy who found an injured bird, told through a blur between reality and imagination. A Bird Story is an interactive pixel animation with the sole purpose of telling a simple story. It is a standalone narrative, with its own beginning and ending.


The rest of the Bundle in a Box 3 Includes:

  • The Luna Sequence – Fearful Shepherds Hunt Their Sheep (album)
  • UNTITLED PROJECT OF MAKS_SF – CLIPN2 (SINGLE) (after 2,500 bundles are sold)
  • Plus one yet unnamed game!


To get the the Bundle in a Box 3 click here!




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