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Groupees Bundle of the Damned 7


Groupees Bundle of the Damned 7 is a spooky collection of 6 Steam games, 7 music albums and 2 comic books for a total of $3.00.

TIER 1: Paying $3.00 or more will get you all the items in this bundle:

Steam games included are:

Music Albums and Comics:

  • Derek & Brandon Fiechter – Mansion on Grimm Hill II (music album)
  • Vampire Step-Dad – Songs to Haunt a House To (music album)
  • Sam Haynes – Season of the Witch – Halloween music EDM and Darkwave for Halloween 2018 (music album)
  • meganeko – Happy Halloween 2017 (music album)
  • Videogram – Test Subject 011 (music album)
  • Rich Douglas – No More Room In Hell – The Rejected Score (music album)
  • Blood Realm 1 (comic book)
  • Planet of the Living Dead 1 (comic book)

Buy the Groupees Bundle of the Damned 7 here (available until November 2nd)



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