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Groupees: The Medieval Bundle


The Medieval Bundle from Groupees includes games, comics and some music!

Become the best castle builder in original and addictive game Castle where you must at the same time create a castle accurately while protecting it from all the annoying baddies.

Other two games inlude Konung 2 and Konung 3. The Era of Titans, the almighty rulers of the Earth, has ended. Once glorious heroes and great Princes are gone for good. The hour of new heroes has come, when the throne of the Grand Principality became empty. Various valiant warriors and adventurers started their fight for the title, and only the legendary Champion Sword artifact can resolve their face-off. Get the artifact, become the Konung and write a new history of the Woodland!

The Medieval bundle includes:

  • Castle
  • Konung 2
  • Konung 3: Ties of the Dynasty
  • Dead Future King Issue #1 (comic)
  • Corvus Corax – Tales of the Edda EP
  • NAM – “Twa Corbies“ Special Groupee Digital EP
  • Hexperos – Collection
  • The CRAIC Show – Pipes and Drums Since 1541
  • BraAgas – No. 1
  • Dead Future King Issue #2 (comic)

Get it over at Groupees.



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