Groupees Be Mine 33

Groupees Be Mine 33 collects a bunch of games plus some music for a few dollars. Games included are Mini Ghost (a prequel to Ghost 1.0) in the first tier, plus Bucket Detective, Worlds of Magic and more in the second tier.

Groupees Be Mine 33 breakdown – 7 Steam games and 2 music albums for a total of $4:

TIER 1: Pay $1 to get 1 Steam game and 2 music albums:

  • Mini Ghost (Steam game)
  • Abandon Earth by Robert Slump (Music Album)
  • WillRock EP by WillRock (music album)

TIER 2: Pay $4 to get 6 more Steam games:

Groupees Be Mine 33 will be available to purchase until March 17th 2018.

Buy the Groupees Be Mine 33 here

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