Groupees – The Psychic Pixel Party Bundle

The Psychic Pixel Party Bundle by Groupees (and curated by Remute) collects 6 games, 4 albums and 1 documentary for a $1 minimum price.

If you’re unfamiliar with Remute, check out this awesome tune:

Pay at least $1 to get:

  • Synonymy (Steam, narrated by Richard Dawkins)
  • Diode Milliampere – Psychic Pizza Connection (Album)
  • Donnacha Costello – Growing Up In Public (Album)
  • Remute – Coded Messages #1 (Album)
  • Remute – Wanna Be A Stealthfighter EP (Album)
  • Pixel Poetry: A Film About Games, Art, Society, and Culture (Documentary)
  • REMUTE LIVESTREAM #8 (Live Stream)

Pay at least $2 to also get:

  • Subterrarium (Game)
  • Hypercronius (Game)
  • Sword Of The Samurai (Steam)
  • Lucas The Game (DRM-free game)
  • Naninights (Steam)
  • Alice’s Mom’s Rescue (Game)

The Psychic Pixel Party Bundle is available for 14 days over at Groupees


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