Groupees : Window Program Bundle

Groupees : Windows Program Bundle

Pay $1.25 minimum to unlock:

  • Circuit Craft

Based around a simple grid system, creating circuits is as simple as dragging tiles onto the board, draw wires connecting the tiles up and see it all work instantaneously in an always-on environment.

  • Pixel Proof

Pixel Proof is a pixel graphics editor that is focused on keeping you in the flow. The UI is designed to stay out of the way with low visual clutter and the toolset gives you unique abilities to edit your images.

  • Jessie The A.I. Robotic Companion

Unlike most “Chat bot’s “ u see available on the internet, Who just give out basic yes or no answers. Jessie really thinks ! , much like how a human would look at a question Jessie first analysis the question being asked to understand it, Then it searches its database programmed with more than 1000+ words and phrases and than makes her own (wich she thinks is suitable) answer.

Pay $3 minimum to unlock:

  • RaySupreme 3D

RaySupreme is a full-featured, powerful and easy to use 3D modeling, texturing and rendering software that features many of the tools you would expect from any professional 3D software.

  • Zoom Player Steam Edition

Zoom Player is a Powerful, Flexible and Highly Customizable Media Player and Media Center software for the Windows PC platform. Using our Smart Play technology, more media formats play with less hassle, improved stability and greater performance.

  • VoiceBot

Take command of your games with your voice using VoiceBot! Sending commands to your games and applications is as easy as saying the command out loud. Use your voice to run keyboard shortcuts, click and move your mouse, and even execute complicated macros and scripts.

  • EasyAudioTools Company Pack

EasyRTA is a powerful, yet light-weight Spectrum Analyzer software, packed with advanced features. EasyFILTER is a useful tool for calculating filters in digital audio applications. EasyLCR will help you perform LCR measurements with your PC precisely and with ease.

Pay $5 minimum to unlock:

  • Dimmdrive

*Take full advantage of up to (and over) 10,000+ MB/s hard drive (HD) access! *Game load times are incredibly faster! We’ve seen 60 second game load screens turn into 2-3 seconds! *Immerse yourself with nearly instant in-game level loading and transitions! *Eliminate FPS drops that are due to your hard drive slowing down! *Gain a competitive edge against others! *Save on wear and tear of your SSDs as RAM lasts nearly forever!

Bonus has already been unlocked for all bundle purchases!

  • Fusion Character Animator

Fusion Character Animator is a small tool with ClickteamFusion 2.5 to facilitate the animation of 2D character sprites for developers. Fusion Character Animator (FCA) is a small tool to generate animations frame by frame in PNG for the development of video games.

Grab this Windows Program Bundle only at Groupees!

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