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Humble Bundle In Case You Missed It: Gems of 2022


Get a ton of great Steam games from 2022 in this PC game bundle! In case you missed Supraland, Prehistoric Kingdom, Source of Madness and more!

Discover some of the best, brightest gems of 2022 with this bundle of acclaimed 2022 games you might have missed!

Scavenge, survive, and snipe in the end-of-the-world wasteland of ZERO Sievert. Explore the world waiting just below the surface of the first-person metroidvania Supraland Six Inches Under. Delve into the depths of a mechanical world in Haiku, the Robot. Get a treasury of premium games you won’t want to miss, and help support Global Foodbanking Network with your purchase!

TIER 1: Pay $15 or more to get 4 Steam keys in this game bundle:

TIER 2: Pay $20 or more to get 2 more Steam keys in this game bundle:

TIER 3: Pay $23 to also get Prehistoric Kingdom

All games and DLC are delivered as separate Steam keys. Normally, the total cost for the games in this bundle is as much as $159.

The Humble Gems of 2022 Bundle is available here


  1. We all have differing opinions on what we consider value for money. Personally, having read reviews and looked at each of these games, I have to say, I don’t think this bundle is (for me) good value. Sure, the base price of each game is quite high (and when did Indie games start selling at $30 – $50?), however, when you look at what you’re getting, many of the games seem overpriced.

    The headline game ‘Prehistoric Kingdom’ is in early access, with one recent review claiming (without any basis or knowledge) that they believe the game to be about 25% complete. Other reviewers state it runs really poorly and requires a fast PC to work properly. Not what I’d call a ‘premium product’.

    The rest don’t look a whole lot better. I didn’t enjoy the original Supraland, so I can imagine this one to be just as much fun.

    Haiku has reviews stating it’s a poor version of Hollow Knight. I do like the Metroidvania genre, but this one doesn’t look as good / fun as Hollow Knight.

    PowerSlave Exhumed is an old school FPS and a port of a PS1 / Sega Saturn game.

    Source of Madness looks ok, but suffers from the “let’s make it dark, coz that’s scary” thought process. Not every game has to look like Mario, but they can be better than brown on black colour schemes.

    ZERO Sievert looks like a generic top down survival game that’s been done a hundred times before. It’s early access too.

    Submerged: Hidden Depths is a puzzle / walking sim. It actually looks to be the best of the bunch. The lack of combat may bore some people, and walking simulators don’t always have mass appeal.

    Personally, this one is a pass. Sure, you’re getting approx. $230 (AUD) in games for around $35 (AUD), but they’d have to be games you’d want to play. These are all new to bundle games, which is nice, but sadly, there isn’t much appeal to me as a gamer in this lot.

    • Indie Games got more expensive pretty recently starting with Rimworld (I think), cause they wanted to have their games more appreciated and actually get compensated for their years of hard work, instead of the peanuts they usually got with a 20$ game that’s 5$ on sale. Also, they wanted to accomodate to inflation and AAA games costing 70$ now.

      Concerning Zero Sievert: it’s pretty much S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in top down and pretty well done.
      Powerslave Exhumed is not exactly a port and more of a Remaster, but awesome anyway.
      And Source of Madness may be too dark and brown, but it has some exceptionally grim art a la H.R. Giger, with really satisfying combat.

      Can’t say anything about Submerged, except I had it on my wishlist for some time and there’s a mobile port for it (at least on iPad).

      • Yeah, I can appreciate that about Indie games. And certainly, in a lot of cases, the quality and depth of Indie games have gone up quite a lot in the past few years. Gone are the days where a game was made by 1-3 people in the space of a few months and published, then forgotten about as the money rolls in. PC’s are so different and complex that games require constant attention to ensure they’re compatible, and even Indie devs do have 20-30 people on staff in some instances. It’s maddening to see prices go from $10 to $35+ in a few years, when the average Aussie has had no real pay increase in the same time span.

        I can’t recall how many times I’ve tried to get into S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and failed to do so. I generally enjoy FPS, but the additional “weight” of the RPG side of it just bogs me down and I stop playing.

        As I get older, I find my eyesight is nowhere near as good as it used to be, adding to that, I’m colourblind, so dark games mean I honestly can’t see shit half the time. Thus, I find them frustrating.

        It’s funny that games such as Submerged end up as mobile games. It shows 2 things:
        1/ Mobile devices have become insanely powerful.
        2/ There seems to be less of a stigmatism in relation to mobile ports and PC games. I think the Switch has a lot to do with that, with a hell of a lot of PC games being ported across to what is, essentially, a mobile phone / tablet.

        Like I said, each to their own, but for me, this one doesn’t have much appeal.

        • Yeah, it should be a crime how inflation rises and the average worker doesn‘t get a pay rise or anything. It all boggles down to people not realising that usually people earn less than the average, because rich people push the average up to that height. They earn more and increase inflation, but normal people don’t.

    • Thanks for your opinions! Great info in here. I got Submerged : Hidden Depths for free from Epic a few months back. Best way I can describe it is a huge BOTW outdoor shrine without any combat. It’s a beautiful game for sure! If you love puzzle/exploration/walking sim games this is a gem indeed.

    • Indies are now likely to be studios larger than those that created some of the biggest games of the 80s and 90s. Coding the games has gotten easier, but the art has not, and players (typically) expect the moon.


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