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Humble Choice April 2024


Get The Callisto Protocol, Victoria 3 and 6 more great Steam keys with Humble Choice April 2024 for just $11.99 / €9,99!


Humble Choice April 2024 is available to buy from April 2nd 2024 to May 7th 2024.

This month’s Humble Choice features 8 games, including The Callisto Protocol and Victoria 3 as the main titles as well as some hidden gems that you may have missed. Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in this month’s bundle:

  • The Callisto Protocol
  • Victoria 3
  • Humankind Definitive Edition
  • Fashion Police Squad
  • Terraformers
  • Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga
  • Coromon
  • The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow

You can claim these games at the Humble Choice April 2024 page.


  1. This leans waaaay too heavy on the strategy side for me this month.

    Callisto Protocol (we have Dead Space at home) is probably the stand out, I got it with my PS+ subscription and played it for a couple of hours, it was decent enough but I found myself bored with it before too long.

  2. The Callisto Protocol is a 3rd person horror sci-fi shooter with mostly positive recent reviews and mixed overall reviews. A lot of the reviewers are critical of the gameplay, calling it repetitive, simplistic and sometimes frustrating with the overuse of QTE’s, however many praised the visuals and voice acting as being very good. The has recently removed Denuvo and has a bunch of DLC.

    Victoria 3 is a strategy game that requires a ‘Paradox Account’, with mixed reviews. Many of the reviewers complain about the significant changes from the previous game, but also state that the game feels “hands off”, ie, make a change and wait and hope for something to happen. Others complained the game is too complicated and the gameplay is too slow. The game has 6 DLC in total.

    HUMANKIND – Definitive Edition, is yet another strategy game with mixed reviews. The game comes with 6 of the 15 DLC, missing just the music. Positive reviews state the game is a good Civilisation competitor, however negative reviews complain the core gameplay penalises you for succeeding. 15 DLC in total (as mentioned 6 provided with the bundle).

    Fashion Police Squad is an Indie FPS with colourful pixel art graphics. The game has Very Positive reviews, with fast and generally fun gameplay (I played this on the Switch). The game is a little campy, and the can be odd with certain enemies only affected by certain guns, but overall it’s decent. Most reviews praise the ‘Boomer shooter’ as being unique and enjoyable. One soundtrack DLC.

    Terraformers is a Sci-Fi simulation / strategy game with turn-based gameplay and Very Positive reviews. One reviewer mentions it’s a card game where each level you have to meet certain criteria to win. Many of the positive reviews are lacking in detail and just state they like the game because… There is 2 DLC available.

    Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga is an ‘old school’ RPG (noting some strategy elements) with turn-based combat and a mix of modern and pixel art. The game enjoys Overwhelmingly Positive reviews with reviewers praising the gameplay and the story, but some mentioning some of the text is a little ‘cringe’. The game has 3 DLC.

    Coromon is yet another turn based JRPG / ‘Monster tamer’ with a mix of modern and pixel graphics. The blurb and reviews indicate it’s a souped up version of Pokemon. The game has Mostly Positive overall reviews, with many of the reviewers just stating it’s Pokemon but better. If Pokemon is your thing, then this might be too. Two DLC available.

    The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow is a Point n Click pixel art game very similar to the 90’s games from LucasArts. The game has very positive reviews with reviewers praising the story and the puzzle elements, however some said the story relied on certain tropes which didn’t appeal to them. Two DLC available.

    Ok, so typically, this bundle is filled with strategy and turn based games, with many of the games having middling reviews. It’s an easy pass this time around. Do better Humble.


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