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Humble Choice December 2019


Humble Monthly is getting replaced by Humble Choice, a new, different subscription, but unlike Monthly and its mystery games, you’ll be able to see – and choose which games you want.

Humble Choice December 2019 is available to buy from December 6 to January 3rd 2020.

Choose from the following games in the Humble Choice December 2019:

Extra: ARROG (DRM-free game)

You can choose what games to get at the Humble Choice page.


It’s Your Choice
More games every month. You choose the ones you want to keep forever.
No More Mystery
All games revealed upfront on the first Friday of every month. No more waiting to find out what you’re getting each month.
Great Perks
5% donated to charity every month. Plus access to the Humble Trove and up to 20% off on the Humble Store.

So what does that mean for me, if I was a Humble Subscriber?

Well, if you’re grandfathered in, you’ll keep paying the same price. Prices for new subscribers are tiered at $5 per month Lite, $15 per month Basic, $20 per month Premium, and $12 per month Classic, which can only be accessed if you were a subscriber to Humble Monthly before Humble Choice replaced Humble Monthly on December 6th 2019.

What are the benefits of a Classic plan?

Through the Classic plan, you will retain the best deal of all moving forward with Humble Choice. This includes the following:

  • $12 a month price point from Humble Monthly (or your current multi-month pricing).
  • 10 curated games to keep every month (compared to 9 from the Premium plan).
  • Full access to the Humble Trove.
  • Up to a 20% Humble Store discount.
  • Unlimited access to published Humble Originals and betas.


  1. The pricing doesn’t seem particularly attractive for a bundle, at least not for those without access to the grandfathered “classic” tier. $15 for 3 games, only one of which is a more-than-year-old “AAA” title (and probably the weakest installment in its series at that)? There are likely some good indie titles in there, but it just doesn’t seem like a particularly good value at that price level, and you will need to do some research to determine which might be worth getting.

    And sure, you can see all games before buying now, but it now costs $20 to get something comparable to what they were offering for $12 before, a nearly 70% price hike. The $5 “Lite” tier is even more of a joke, since you don’t actually get any of the games in the bundle, just access to DRM-free copies of the repeatedly-bundled and in some cases mediocre titles found in the “Trove”. Humble Monthly didn’t tend to interest me much either, but this new format is even less attractive, being essentially a price increase for less content. And being a subscription model, they hope you will forget about cancelling, and get charged each month.

    And despite raising prices, the amount given to charity is not even worth mentioning at 5%. They pretty much just keep that around so they can repeatedly brag about “supporting charity” as a bullet-point to make people think they’re doing good, when in reality, they are just using it as a means to bring in more profit for themselves. At least with their traditional game bundles, they allowed one to have control over where money was going. With this subscription model, only a tiny amount goes to charity, and you have no control over how money is distributed to each developer either. They’re likely taking an even larger chunk of the profits for themselves than ever before.

  2. Well this is a disappointing start as someone who doesn’t like RTS or tower defence, Have wanted Shadow of the Tomb Raider for a while but upgrading to the complete edition is still expensive.


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