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Humble Choice December 2023


Get Expeditions: Rome, Midnight Fight Express and 6 more great Steam keys with Humble Choice December 2023 for just $11.99 / €9,99!

Humble Choice December 2023

Humble Choice December 2023 is available to buy from December 5th 2023 to January 2nd 2024.

This month’s Humble Choice features 8 games, including some AAA titles as well as some hidden gems that you may have missed. Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in this month’s bundle:

  • Expeditions: Rome
  • Midnight Fight Express
  • Nobody Saves The World
  • The Gunk
  • The Pale Beyond
  • Last Call BBS
  • From Space

You can claim these games at the Humble Choice December 2023 page.


  1. Nothing i want to play even for free so yeah this is easy pass like many other months now before this and thanks to losing bonus from the shop it is easy now skip these bad months when i don’t have it anymore

  2. Which are the AAA games in this one?

    Either way another skip month for me, have played Elex and Midnight Fight on PS+ Extra and wasn’t super impressed with either.

  3. @Tonci, you’ve missed half the post on this one 🙂

    You can claim these games at the…

    The what ?? Don’t leave me hanging, the suspense…

    Here we go again though, Humble Choice and the Disappointing Game Selection. We’ve seen this movie before.

    Expeditions: Rome – A turn based RPG/Strategy game. Yawn. Very positive reviews and only two DLC totalling $23 AUD.

    Midnight Flight Express – A 3rd person isometric beat em up. Mostly positive recent reviews and very positive overall. Positive reviews are weak, with quite a few having less than a dozen words. Negative reviews aren’t much better with one complaining about the length (about 4 hours). No DLC, published by Humble Games.

    ELEX II – A sequel to Elex (who would have thought that?) and another open world RPG. Recent reviews are mixed with overall Mostly Positive reviews. Positive and Negative reviews are contradictory, with some claiming the combat is the same and others saying it’s totally different between Elex 1 and 2. One DLC, an $8 AUD soundtrack, and apparently this is a $70 AUD game.

    Nobody Saves the World – An action RPG, with isometric, almost top down view. Very colourful graphics in this game, which appears to be heavy on the combat, almost like a twin stick shooter in places. You unlock various ‘forms’ to traverse through the game. Many of the positive reviews lack content, however a recurring theme was that the game is similar to the older 2D Zelda games. Negative reviews didn’t have a lot of info, but one claimed it was very grindy towards the mid/end of the game to progress and another said they didn’t enjoy it much. Two DLC, being a soundtrack and extra level totallying $19 AUD.

    The Gunk – Y’know, it’s not what I was thinking. This is a 3rd person action adventure, puzzle type game. Many of the reviewers say it’s a puzzle platformer and generally short at 5-7 hours. One negative reviewer said the story and voice acting was really poor, but did say the gameplay was enjoyable and the game is visually impressive, however very linear. Overall Very Positive reviews with no DLC available.

    The Pale Beyond – I was wondering when the next sim / strategy type game would rear its ugly head, and here we have it. You play the Captain of a ship trying to keep his crew alive and happy. Juggle resources and morale and try not to fall asleep. The game has Very Positive reviews with many stating the story is where the game shines. The main criticisms is the game is harsh and overly challenging with early moves later proving to be disastrous requiring rewinding (?) or restarting. A total of three DLC with two soundtrack and one artbook totalling $51 AUD. Ouch.

    Last Call BBS – An automation puzzle game. It’s another Zachtronics game, which means if you’ve played one of his (her?) games before, then you’ve probably played something similar to this. The game is made up of a whole bunch of smaller puzzle or mini games based on the internet or more likely the BBS scene of the mid 90’s. A time of dial up modems, where even small files of a few hundred kilobytes took hours to download. Recent reviews are Very Positive with overall reviews being Overwhelmingly Positive. One negative review indicated that the game seems to make you wait a realistic amount of time to ‘download’ the minigame from the virtual BBS before playing it, with a 15 minute wait. No DLC to speak of.

    From Space – Lastly we have a 3rd person isometric co-op shooter. This game has been bundled 5 times already, so it’s here as filler to make up the 8th game. Very Positive recent reviews with Mixed overall reviews. Saying that, the reviews are a mixed bag, with positive reviews saying that whilst it’s short, they enjoyed the gameplay and found the game not too challenging, yet, negative reviews complained about the difficult gameplay when playing solo. Seven DLC totalling $32 AUD with three of those being free.

    This month is a mixed bag. There are some games here that I’d like to play and see if I’d enjoy them, however, there are also quite a few games that I know I’d have no interest in. This isn’t an immediate pass, but it’s also not an immediate “Take My Money” situation either.

    • Are you using some browser plugin that blocks affiliate links? Maybe that’s why you see only the first part of the sentence. Try disabling it and refreshing 🙂


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