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Humble Choice January 2022


This month, Humble Choice subscribers can pick up Iron Harvest, Mafia Definitive Edition, Project Winter, Rebel Cops, and more!

Humble Choice January 2022 is available to buy from January 4th 2022 to February 1st 2022.

Get all 10 games this month in the Humble Choice January 2022:

The total value of the games offered in this months Humble Choice is US $273.

You can claim these games at the Humble Choice page.


It’s Your Choice
Humble Monthly is now Humble Choice. More games every month. You choose the ones you want to keep forever.
No More Mystery
All games revealed upfront on the first Tuesday of every month. No more waiting to find out what you’re getting each month.
Great Perks
5% donated to charity every month. Plus access to 90+ games in the Humble Trove and up to 20% off on the Humble Store.


  1. New prices for Humble Choice starting from the February edition – $11.99 for all. But if you pause a month, you lose the store discount and it takes a while to get it back.

  2. The inclusion of Retrowave is an instant no for me, not even going to look at the other games, I won’t support one of the worst asset flippers on Steam. They don’t get a cent of my money.

  3. Mafia remaster of the first game is great, highlight of the bundle for me. Mafia 1 and 2 are both great, 3 is just boring.

    • This would be the only game I’d play in this one. The rest look like filler.
      It looks to be a fun game. Amusingly, I have played (and finished) Mafia 3, but own, but never played Mafia 2 (it’s the definitive edition, apparently).

      What’s more interesting is that there are only 10 games this time. Not even 12 games to choose from and pick 10, just 10 games, and you get the lot. Poor Humble is really struggling.

      I think I might take a leaf out of Two Face’s life and flip a coin on this month.

      • To be fair to Humble, 10 was the original deal when they changed names from the Monthly to Choice. It went up to 12, which personally I was not pleased with, my logic being of course, more games means less quality. I mean, I was wrong, quality dropped anyway, but just sayin’.


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