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Humble Choice November 2022 – ENDS TODAY!


Awesome Steam games await you in Humble Choice this November – get 8 Steam keys including Hell Let Loose, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Fate Edition, Eldest Souls and more for just $11.99 / €9,99!

Beginning February 2022, Humble started offering just one plan that gets you ALL of the games they’ve picked out for the month for $11.99 USD (regional pricing may vary).

Humble Choice November 2022 is available to buy from November 1st 2022 to December 6th 2022.

Get all 8 Steam titles this month in the Humble Choice November 2022:

Also, get Ghost Song in your Humble App when it launches November 3rd. Strike out beneath the surface of a desolate moon in this brand-new atmospheric 2D adventure.

The total value of the games offered in this months Humble Choice is US $209.

You can claim these games at the Humble Choice page.

Humble Choice members also get 50+ games in the Humble App:

The Humble Games Collection (Ex Humble Trove, now with a non-optional launcher) debuted in February with these acclaimed titles from Humble Games, with more games added monthly:

  • Forager
  • Wizard of Legend
  • Dodgeball Academia
  • Unsighted
  • Void Bastards

Choice members will be able to access the titles in the Humble Games Collection by downloading the new Humble app for Windows PC. (Note that you’ll lose access to these games if you skip a month or cancel your membership.) Check out our new Humble Games Collection page to learn more, and keep an eye out on the Humble site for more details in the weeks ahead.


  1. No comments on Humble Monthly? This isn’t normal here 🙂

    This month, admittedly, does not seem to have a huge, well known, headliner game. At least as far as I can see. Hell Let Loose is probably meant to be it, but it appears to be your standard WWII FPS game, which has been done many times before.

    Having said that, the games do look pretty decent. 2x FPS, with one being early access, “rouge-lite”. A few 3rd person games, in either RPG or RTS format, and some side scrolling / pixel art games. Overall, this doesn’t have anything that is an absolute winner, but it’s a solid effort.

    I really need to play some of these games too!! I get the occasional bundle, but never remember to play the actual games.

    • I’d be more tempted if Hell Let Loose wasn’t multiplayer only and Kingdoms of Amular hadn’t been given away on PS+. The Shadow Tactics game would likely be really good, but I got sick of the first one and gave up on it so I doubt I’d try this one. A skip month for me.

      • Yeah, ok. I missed that with Hell Let Loose. Multiplayer only game as the main draw card is weak. Which is sad, the rest look good enough. I can appreciate that it must be hard trying to get games developers and publishers to agree to be in any bundle, but it often feels like Humble just isn’t putting much effort into this anymore.

        • If you haven’t played Kingdoms of Amular it was one of my favourite PS3 RPGs by one of the game designers of Oblivion. It seems like a decent bundle overall, just a few too many strikes for me personally.


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