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Humble Choice November 2023 – LAST DAY


Get Hardspace Shipbreaker, WWE 2K23 and 6 more great Steam keys with Humble Choice November 2023 for just $11.99 / €9,99!

Humble Choice November 2023

Humble Choice November 2023 is available to buy from November 7th 2023 to December 6th 2023.

This month’s Humble Choice features 8 games, including some AAA titles as well as some hidden gems that you may have missed. Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in this month’s bundle:

You can claim these games at the Humble Choice November 2023 page.


  1. I think it’s wholly insulting that Humble would include an unfinished and abandoned project as their headliner. Just because the company slapped a 1.0 on it doesn’t mean it’s finished and it pisses me off that Valve allows this nonsense to continue. I passed on the bundle solely because of that.

  2. As Matthew McConaughey often says “Alright, alright, alright”, here’s another month of Humble. What do we have?

    Hardspace: Shipbreaker – A first person space “sim” salvage game, where you buy equipment to salvage materials from abandoned space ships to make money to pay off a debt. The game has very positive reviews overall, although the top review when I viewed the game in Steam claimed the game was unfinished and abandoned. Currently 50% off in Steam sales. Has two paid DLC’s.

    WWE 2K23 – Not a hard guess to figure out what this game is. If it’s not obvious, it’s a wrestling game. They’ve been around since at least the N64 days. Graphics are very good and the reviews are overall very positive. The game does require a 2K account to play (so Steam is just the front end to another front end to then load the game). As per usual, positive reviews are light on details with things like “Good”, “I get to punch Paul Logan” and “It’s a very fun game”. Negative reviews aren’t much better, but usually go into more details. If you’re upgrading from a slightly older version (2K21 or 2K22), this is probably not worth it. If you’ve never played it before or have a really old version and you like wrestling, then this could be a winner. 11 DLC’s totalling more than $220AUD. The deluxe version is currently 60% off.

    Edit: This game also contains In App Purchases, ranging from $8.45 – $164.95 AUD for ingame currency.

    Unpacking – The first of our Indie games. Again, the title should be obvious. You get to open boxes of household items and arrange them in a small room, as a sort of relaxing puzzle game The goal being to unpack all the boxes. Graphics are cartoon like, but pleasant and clean. The game has overall very positive reviews with those stating “Its super cool”, “It nice” and “Its relaxing” (and no, none of them contained a single apostrophe). Of the few negative reviews, the biggest complaint was the price vs length, with the game completable in around 5 hours. I can’t say I’d disagree with that given it’s a roughly $30 AUD. One DLC, the soundtrack for $18 (ouch).

    Friends vs Friends – Continuing the trend of “I wonder what this game is about”, comes this online multiplayer first person arena shooter, with cards (?). Who saw that coming? Graphically it looks like they’ve taken liberties from Borderlands, but jacked the saturation up even further. Very positive reviews, although player numbers have dwindled from an all time high of over 5,500 to around 330 daily players. Not awesome for a game released in May 2023. I guess that’s why it’s being dumped in a bundle, to boost those player numbers. Four DLC in total, two free, two paid, costing more than the game itself. Multiplayer only.

    The Legend of Tianding – Boo to Humble for ruining their own theme. This one isn’t obvious at all. It’s a side scrolling beat em up with RPG / Adventure elements thrown in. Graphics look crisp and clean for cartoonesque likeness. One reviewer compared the game to Hollow Knight (a bold statement), however many touched on the repetitive nature of the gameplay. Overall overwhelmingly positive reviews. The game has two DLC, one free comic and a $10 AUD soundtrack.

    SCP: Secret Files – Again, ruining the theme of this months bundle, we have a horror, puzzle, adventure, walking sim game. The game seems to span a decent range of themes, however images shown on Steam do indicate a lot of dark rooms, y’know, coz dark is scary, right? Overall the game has very positive reviews and most praise the gameplay and many indicate there is some sort of lore surrounding SCP itself. The negative reviews complain about game breaking bugs and short gameplay. No DLC as apparently the developer no longer exists.

    Souldiers – Ah, back to the “I wonder what this game is about” theme. It’s a metroidvania style side scrolling pixel art game. Graphics are pretty standard for this type of game and remind me of Shante more than anything else. Overall reviews are mixed with negative reviews complaining about game breaking bugs, crashes that corrupt saves and high difficulty. Positive reviews generally say the game is fun, however some do mention the levels can feel too big. Two DLC, being an art book and soundtrack, totalling $15 AUD.

    Prodeus – Lastly we have an FPS in the same vein as Doom or Quake. That old school run and gun shooter that many of us grew up on. Graphics look pretty good, like a higher resolution Quake, but nowhere near as crisp as modern Doom or other modern FPS games. The game has very positive reviews overall, with most positive reviews comparing it to the aforementioned Doom or Quake. Negative reviews mostly complained the game didn’t “wow” them. Far too many reviews called this a ‘boomer shooter’, making me feel older than I actually am. Most ‘boomers’ would have been in their 40’s when Doom/Quake made their appearance. Steam indicates a ‘Prodeus Server’ account is required, and I can only guess this would be for multiplayer. Two DLC, one free midi music soundtrack and one $15 paid soundtrack.

    To sum up, I think Humble did very well this month. Whilst I’m not totally into wrestling, it could be good for a laugh and a bit of fun. And aside from the multiplayer only game, the rest are varied enough to peak my curiosity and give this month a go. For the first time in a while we haven’t been lumbered with multiple strategy / sim games as filler material.

    Time to unlock this month !!

    • I’ve heard decent things about WWE so I’ll probably pick it up, the Smackdown games were a blast on PS2 and PS3 but the series lost its way. The character creator used to be the best in the business, you could layer stickers on people and clothing to create any wrestler you wanted, real or imagined. But I think they must have figured out this meant losing a potential micro-transaction stream and it was severely limited there for a while. Not having played any for years I’m really hoping they’ve gone back to letting you create whatever you can imagine again.

      • I read more into the game and the reviews. I couldn’t find much on character creation. One user complained about model imports into one section of the game and how it was limited. So, I get the impression that full custom character creation may be limited to one portion of the game. Unfortunately too many of the reviewers use jargon like CAW and MyRise, like the rest of us know what that means. It makes it very difficult to decode what the complaint is about.

        On a side note: Almost all of the negative reviews state they had corrupt save issues, losing their entire progress. Some people with 200+ hours in the game.

        Online servers are said to suck as well, which has prompted a lot of the negativity. If you’re an offline player, then this won’t really affect you.

        Ah, one reviewer was helpful:

        the character customization is not bad, although it’s nothing compared to 2k19

        A lot of the reviews do compare it to last years version and say it is better. They don’t say why it’s better, it just is 🙂

        Still, overall, this month is better than Humble has done in a long while. It may not be for everyone, but hopefully there’s enough for most people.


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