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Humble Choice October 2020


The Humble Choice October 2020 games have arrived with 12 games to pick from! Choose Tropico 6The Sunless Bundle, Autonauts, Iron Danger and more games!

Humble Choice October 2020

Humble Choice October 2020 is available to buy from October 2nd to November 6th 2020.

Limited time offer: Get all 12 games this month in the Humble Choice October 2020:

  • Tropico 6 El Prez Edition
  • Fae Tactics
  • Sunless Bundle
  • Iron Danger
  • Autonauts
  • Shadows Awakening
  • Fantasy Blacksmith
  • The Suicide of Rachel Foster
  • Goat of Duty
  • The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day
  • Basement
  • Lightmatter

All Humble Choice subscribers will also get two new Humble Originals, Fate of Kai and Syzygy.

The total value of the games offered in the October 2020 Humble Choice is US$306.87.

You can choose what games to get at the Humble Choice page.


It’s Your Choice
Humble Monthly is now Humble Choice. More games every month. You choose the ones you want to keep forever.
No More Mystery
All games revealed upfront on the first Friday of every month. No more waiting to find out what you’re getting each month.
Great Perks
5% donated to charity every month. Plus access to 90+ games in the Humble Trove and up to 20% off on the Humble Store.


  1. I know this is an old post now, however I thought it funny that Humble have emailed me twice now. The latest is offering a bit of a discount for the next 6 months on Humble Choice ($9 USD per month), whilst retaining the classic plan, provided I do not pause during the next 6 months.
    Yeah, good luck with that. It’s cheaper to pause and not pay than to accumulate a bunch of games I’ll never play, and cannot trade / sell.

    • Yeah, there’s a distinct smell of desperation in the air. The previous time I paused they offered me $4 off the bundle (please stay). Then they started offering all 12 games (pretty please?). Now they’ve added an 2 extra Humble Trove games (with a cherry on top?).

      Nope. I’ll settle for something other than an abundance of strategy and sim games every month.

  2. I picked up last months, and was so unimpressed with the months games mostly bought it to play generation zero with a friend. Big pass from me this month, and considering Rising Storm:2 Vietnam is free next week on Epic that game alone for me personally is better than everything in this bundle.

  3. I wish I was into strategy, tactics or sim games, would be set every month. And they continue to add games that have been free in the past (GoD) or bundled many times already (The Uncertain). Was keen for Sunless but as the bundle doesn’t even include the first game’s DLC it’s another hard pass from me.

    • #Metoo 🙂 I own a bunch of the games in this months bundle, and whilst there are some that look good, 2-3 games out of 9 (working on the fact I own 3 already) just doesn’t represent good value. It’s still a waste of 6-7 games / keys I’m never going to play. May be next month will be better…..

      • Ha, I keep hoping the same thing but I worry we’re starting to think like battered spouses. They still love me, they’ll change…

    • You’re not wrong. I swear sims and rts games get way more
      representation, and I can’t stand those genres. Kept it unpaused last
      month for Catherine, but there’s absolutely nothing appealing to me this
      time. The regular bundles have been delivering way better stuff than the
      monthly one for me lately. I keep it going to retain Classic, but it’s been so sparse on stuff I want for the last few months.

    • They should make an unpause option, and just leave us all paused 🙂 Would save me having to pause the subscription every month. This is just getting sad now. Let’s see what happens in 35 days for November…


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