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Humble Comics Bundle: The Complete Love and Rockets


Pay just $1 to get 3 Love and Rockets graphic novels , pay more to support charity and get up to 25 comics that you can read on any PC, phone or tablet!

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So, this is a bundle full of Comics? What exactly is in it?

Humble has partnered with Fantagraphics for a comprehensive bundle of Love and Rockets, one of the most beloved indie comics of all time!

This groundbreaking underground series by Jaime, Gilbert, and Mario Hernandez tells the intimate stories of the residents of the fictional Mexican town of Palomar, along with the halcyon days of punks in love in southern California’s music scene. This collection has the whole story going all the way back to 1982, including Amor Y CohetesAngels and Magpies, and the start of the latest volume, Love and Rockets Vol. 1 IV.

Experience one of comics’ most enduring series, and support Global FoodBanking Network with your purchase!

How much do all these comic books cost?

Pay $1 or more. All together, these books would cost over $566. At Humble Bundle, though, you name your price of $1 for 3 comic books or add more to increase your contribution and upgrade your bundle!

Where can I buy it?

Humble Comics Bundle: The Complete Love and Rockets is available at Humble Bundle until July 21st 2022.

On what devices can I read these books?

Read them anywhere. The ebooks in this bundle are available in PDF and CBZ formats, so they work on your computer, iPads, cell phones, and a wide array of mobile devices!



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