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Humble Comics Bundle: The Walking Dead


The Humble Comics Bundle: The Walking Dead by Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment just launched on Wednesday, April 29 and will be live through Wednesday, May 20.

What’s in it?

Get the full set of The Walking Dead, collecting ALL issues of the legendary series and meet Rick, Negan, Tyreese, Michonne, the Governor, and many more memorable characters. Remember, we ARE the walking dead.

How much it costs?

Pay $1 or more. All together, these comics would cost over $454. At Humble Bundle, though, you name your price of $1 for the first tier or add more to increase your contribution and upgrade your bundle!

Where can I buy it?

You can buy Humble Comics Bundle: The Walking Dead at Humble Bundle until May 20th 2020

On what devices can I read these comics?

Read them anywhere. These comics are available in multiple formats including CBZ, PDF, and ePub, so they work on your computer, e-readers, iPads, cell phones, and a wide array of mobile devices!



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