Humble Cybersecurity Month MEGA BUNDLE

Unlock a library of cybersecurity knowledge from the experts at O’Reilly! Starting from just $1 to learn Kali Linux and Istio, pay more to get up to 16 eBooks!

Available for a limited time.

Humble Cybersecurity Month MEGA BUNDLE

October marks Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the tech experts at O’Reilly are here to help programmers, engineers, and IT pros keep systems safe all year round.

Learn about identity-native access management and intelligence-driven incident response. Wrap your head around the principles of security chaos engineering and security-as-code methodology. Build the know-how you need to create systems that can withstand today’s ever-evolving cybersecurity threats, and help support Code for America with your purchase.

Pay $1 to get the first 2 eBooks, Learning Kali Linux and Istio: Up and Running. Pay more to get up to 16 eBooks on all things cybersec!

Buy Humble Cybersecurity Month MEGA BUNDLE here

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