Humble Flash Bundle: Surprise Attack

This week’s Flash Bundle is graced with games from indie publisher Surprise Attack.

Critical Mass is an action puzzler which brings traditional match 3 game style into the third dimension, combining fast gameplay with a different experience each time, pleasing everyone from noobs to gaming veterans. In Party of Sin you take control of the Seven Deadly Sins. This co-op puzzler platformer is for up to 4 players: think Darksiders meets The Cave. Post Mortem: One Must Die puts you into difficult position of changing a fate of a nation. If you’re up for ruling the pixelized world of Zombie Tycoon 2, get into this epic war between the masterminds of evil.

If you beat the average price you’ll get OTTTD (stands for Over the Top Tower Defense) where you play as a commander of the biggest private war organization in galaxy and maintain peace. Not done fighting? Try Megabyte Punch, beat um up game in which you build your own fighter by combining the parts of the ones you’ve defeated.

Surprise Attack Bundle includes:

  • Critical Mass
  • Party of Sin
  • Postmortem: One Must Die (Extended Cut)
  • Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge

Beat the average for:

  • Megabyte Punch

Get it over at Humble Bundle.

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