Humble Game Bundle: Strate-GOG

Good Old Games is partnering up with Humble to bring you a bundle ful of strategy games! This time around, games are delivered as GOG keys as opposed to Steam keys.

Humble Game Bundle: Strate-GOG

Flex your noggin, test your tactical acumen, and sharpen your decision-making skills with this bundle, packed with some of the best strategy games in recent years.

Fight for survival in the turn-based, dystopian game show world of Showgunners. Manage intricate rail networks and optimize your resources in the wholly engrossing Railgrade. Explore a dark, supernatural Wild West setting, where every decision counts in the turn-based tactical battles of Hard West 2. Pay what you want for all these games and more—6 in total—and help support Xperience Studios with your purchase.

Tier 1: Pay just $10 to get:

  • Hard West 2
  • SpellForce 3 Reforced

Tier 2: Pay $15 to also get:

  • Showgunners
  • Field of Glory II: Medieval

Tier 2: Pay $18 to also get:

  • Expeditions: Rome

All games in this game bundle are activated on GOG and are playable on Windows.

Humble Game Bundle: Strate-GOG is available here

For more exciting bundles and gaming deals, check out all active offers at Humble Bundle’s active game bundles page.

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