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Humble Heal Covid-19 Bundle


Humble Heal Covid-19 Bundle just launched on Wednesday, May 12th and will be live for one week, through Wednesday May 19th, 2021.

When you pick up the Humble Heal: Covid-19 Bundle, you’ll enjoy a variety of content and the knowledge that 100% of your purchase proceeds are going to Direct Relief, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), International Medical Corps (IMC), & GiveIndia. Help save lives with the Humble Heal: Covid-19 Bundle today.

This charity bundle includes tons of games, comics, books and more for $20:

You can buy Humble Heal Covid-19 Bundle here

Redeem on Steam. All of the games, ebooks, comics, and content in this bundle are available on Steam for Windows — and some for Mac and Linux too.


  1. Would love to get this bundle, especially when it has Undertale, but I already have Bioshock Collection, so it makes this kinda an “eh… maybe?”-type of bundle. I’ll probably get it anyways for the few good games there is and also because 100% of the money goes to the doctors of Brazil and India, which means that we can soon get floppa safely to Brazil.

    • Nevermind, checked out the sale prices of each game and from the game viewpoint this is not that great of a deal. ETS2 on sale costs around 3-4 bucks, SR3 costs 3 bucks, Bioshock costs around 5 bucks, Undertale 4 bucks and Brutal Legend… ugh, no need to check.

      Of course, there are the other games, but most of them have been free on Steam, Epic, GOG and even on Origin. Books and comics are nice addition, but in my eyes worthless, and the softwares did cost around 5 bucks in one old bundle.

  2. I wish that for this type of bundle, Humble would do a sort of “build your own bundle” like Fanatical does to help the old timer bundle addict like to me to not collect too many duplicates (especially MusicMaker whatever edition…)

    • Yeah, there’s a few killers in here, a few that are quite good, and most
      of the others are decent enough. But buying bundles as long I have
      means I already own about 3/4 of them.

      • I’m in the same boat. I own all but 3-4 games, of which they were mostly strategy games, which I won’t buy anyway.

        The Ashampoo software spins me out. I didn’t know they still existed, and it’s stuff I wouldn’t use.

        Pity these games have been bundled ad nauseum.


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