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The Humble Software Bundle: Image & Video Tools


It’s time to stop using “free online image editors” that do a bad job and it’s time to start using real, powerful editing software. Get a ton of software for cheap at Humble Bundle for a limited time.

Whether you’re creating videos for YouTube, planning a presentation, or just need some easy-to-use tools for a personal photo or video project, this bundle of software from Movavi has you covered!

Bring your creativity to life with the intuitive Video Editor Plus 2020 & a variety of effect sets.

Enhance your images, convert video files, create slideshows, capture gameplay footage, and more, and help support Covenant House with your purchase!

Pay $10 or more to get Movavi Slideshow Maker 8 plus 2 useful sets to use in it.

Besides the $10 tier, this bundle features 1 more tier full of image and video editing software! Check out the whole HUGE list of titles over at Humble Bundle:

Buy The Humble Software Bundle: Image & Video Tools here



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