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Humble The Unreal Post-Apocalyptic Assets Bundle


Do you want to make your own video game in Unreal Engine? Bring your game to life with this bundle of Post-Apocalyptic assets for Unreal Engine creators! Starting from just $1. Available for a limited time.

Create a devastated, plague-ridden post-apocalyptic game world with these assets curated for Unreal Engine developers.

This bundle features the elements you need to build a believable world’s end, including vehicles with procedurally generated variants, a cast of survivor NPCs, hordes of undead zombies, and action-packed character animations. Plus, your purchase will help support Alzheimer’s Research UK!

Pay $1 or more to get 10 asset packs including weapon animations.

Besides the $1 tier, this bundle features 2 more tiers featuring 30 bundles of gamedev assets, from zombie animations to survivor 3D models.

Check out the whole gamedev asset bundle over at Humble Bundle:

Buy Humble The Unreal Post-Apocalyptic Assets Bundle here



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