Humble The X Universe Collection

Pay $1 to get 3 Steam games. Pay more to get up to 9 total Steam keys including X Rebirth, X3: Terran Conflict, X4: Foundations and more.

Humble The X Universe Collection is available until May 5th 2022.

Humble The X Universe Collection

Journey to the stars with Egosoft, creators of the wildly deep and impressively expansive space combat and trading sim series of games collectively known as the X Universe!

Whether you want to command a fleet of capital ships or think diplomacy can win the day, you can experience everything the galaxy has to offer in this game bundle.

Featuring the latest title in the main series, X4: Foundations, its expansion X4: Split Vendetta, and the critically acclaimed X3: Terran Conflict, this bundle is your gateway to nearly the entire X saga.

Choose one of 3 tiers; the more you pay, the more Steam keys you get:

All games are delivered as Steam keys. Normally, the total cost for the games in this bundle is as much as $145.

Buy Humble The X Universe Collection here

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