The Humble Weekly Bundle: Halloween

You are the Lodger, and it’s your job to find out what’s going on in your lodge. In order to do so, though, you need to stay awake and sane until dawn. Solve the mysterious events in the forest and find out is it just imaginaton or reality in Knock-knock. A sound that nobody wants to hear alone in the wood cabin.


Home is a unique horror adventure set in a beautifully-realized pixel world. It’s a murder mystery with a twist. Not only are you trying to solve the murder, but ultimately you decide what happens. It’s almost like pixelized Deus Ex!


Among the Sleep puts you into the footie pajamas of a two year old toddler on his birthday. You and your mother are celebrating when there’s a mysterious knock at the door. She comes back with a present, a teddy bear. That night, your bear disappears and you are tipped out of your crib. After finding your bear again, you seek your mom in her room, only to find her gone.  Now, it is your task to search through four scary locations to find memories of your mother and reunite the two of you. Imagine the trauma received by toddler when exposed to this scenery:


Pay what you want for:

  • Knock-knock
  • Home
  • Vertical Drop Heroes HD

Pay more than the average of $5.17 to unlock!

  • Betrayer
  • Five Nights At Freddy’s
  • Our Darker Purpose

Pay $15 or more to unlock!

  • Among the Sleep

Get it over at Humble Bundle.

If you’d like to know more about Among the Sleep, make sure to check our written review of the game by Todd Naevestad HERE.


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